Trainings for CEOs & Managers

Today’s business environment is rapidly changing. Investing in professional development will save your business from falling behind. 4 Quarters Consultants has always sought to coordinate with experts and international trainers to provide its customers with the required seminars and courses.
Currently we provide three types of management development:

•  Off-shore: where we look for conferences, trainings and seminars in Europe and North America that would fulfill the requirements to advance the skills and exposure of the companies’ top management. We handle registration, ticket booking, accommodation and any other travel logistics.

•  On-premise: where we plan a 2-3 days training at the companies’ headquarters. Based on the requirements we either invite trainers from outside the country or assign our local experts to perform the training.

•  At a Venue: On regular basis, we plan seminars and trainings in Beirut and Lagos. To stay updated about upcoming events, make sure to save our website and email us your topics of interest. This will help us plan our next event accordingly and have your contact on our notification list..

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